Thursday, June 6, 2013

one, big, happy family

For those of you that don't know, the Haus residence has had some houseguests for the past month. My sister, brother and sister's friend have all been staying with us. And for those of you that have never seen our little bungalow-of-a-house, it's pretty small. Perfect size for our family of three, not the perfect size for a family of six! But we have welcomed them with open arms because living in our house was the only place they've had up in Omaha until this weekend. They are renting a cute, little house just west of the Dundee area. 

Kristin and Alexa (Kristin's friend) are in to their third semester at Clarkson College for nursing. They take over the guest room three nights a week. We usually only see them in passing as they are usually leaving to study about the time we come home from work and out the door for class before 7 AM. Yesterday Kristin left wearing a lab coat! So professional! 

My brother, Jon, was offered an internship at Peter Kiewet for engineering. He is the only person from Lincoln that was accepted so it's quite an honor. He is up here full-time for the summer until this fall when school resumes for his masters program. At first when Jon asked to stay with us for an entire month, it made me nervous. Not that I don't enjoy spending time with my brother, it was just that our little family would never have time to ourselves. And I like having my personal time probably more than others do. However, we have been pleasantly surprised with how fun it's been. Jon is a great help to me around the house. He helps clean and watch Avery if I am making dinner. Greg has also enjoyed having another guy at the house. Greg has mentioned the last few nights that Jon should just keep living with us. LOL. And poor Jon, bless his heart - he gets an air mattress in the basement behind the couch to stay. He has been such a good sport about it.

Tomorrow everyone will be moving out their things and moving into the new pad. It will sure be strange having a quiet house again. 

What our dinners have looked like for the past couple of weeks. Love this weather and all of the helpful hands that assist with dinner time!

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