Wednesday, June 5, 2013

circus time!

I was planning on posting photos I took on my digital camera from the weekend {i am attempting to get better with using that thing} but I can't find it. Imagine that! So iPhone photos it is. We took Avery to the circus for the first time on Friday night. It was a nice little family evening. We went to Mojo Smokehouse in our old neck of the woods prior to the show. It had been awhile since we went and we were pleasantly surprised with how yummy the food was and how affordable their drink menu was. Although Avery wasn't a huge fan of her grilled cheese, she LOVED the fries and now wants to eat everything like a big girl - no little pieces of food around here!

We sat 6 rows from the floor at the circus. Avery was entranced with everything happening. For some scenes she just stared, others she pointed and said 'yay!' and clapped. Either way, she sat and watched for an entire hour which, for a toddler, is record time. Greg wasn't a huge fan of how they treated the animals and to be honest, I wasn't either. I think seeing the movie "Water for Elephants" had something to do with that. But overall Avery loved it and I would go back just to see her excited face when the poodles ran across the floor. 

In addition to the circus, Greg and I attended a beautiful wedding on Saturday night while Avery stayed in Lincoln with my parents. I took advantage of a quiet house on Sunday by deep cleaning the guest room, scrubbing the wood floors and vacuuming the entire house. Oh, and cleaning Avery's room. I love when that room is clean - it usually never is!

A couple of photos my dad sent from Lincoln. Love my silly girl!!

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