Monday, May 6, 2013

purple rain

Okay, this May weather absolutely stinks! We had big plans to get yardwork done, go on a bike ride and grill...none of which happened due to the 40-50-ish degree weather. We still had a nice, little weekend though. Our family of three made the most of the rainy weather by eatings lot of {unhealthy} comfort food and catching up on our DVR. 

As I looked through these photos I realized I dressed Avery in purple both Saturday and Sunday. What can I say, it's HER color. I love her in it. So purple clothing + rainy weekend = Purple Rain!

Friday Night was what I consider my ideal night at home. We tried a new pizza place called Ragazzi's. It was AMAZING. Of course, Greg wanted for Hawaiian and I opted for Pepperoni with hot sauce. So darn good. We will be back. After Avery went to sleep, we caught up on a couple of episodes of our favorite show right now - Grimm. 

Saturday - Greg helped some friends move furniture while Avery and I hung out. Later in the afternoon we went to meet Parker Ryan, who was born to my good high-school friend, Sarah. He was so sweet. It's so hard to imagine Avery that little and it's only been a year! Since we were way out west, Greg wanted to check out the beer selection at Brix. We love that place. We would've stayed longer except it was busy because of the Kentucky Derby. We made out with a couple bottles of wine for me and way too much beer for my hubby... Oh and we watched Argo on Saturday night. Highly recommend! I forgot how much I enjoy watching movies. Currently our chalkboard wall in the basement has a list of movies to see. One down, 6 to go!

Avery and I decided to visit daddy at work on Sunday. Even though it was chilly, we strolled around for a couple of hours. Avery's favorite part was the aquarium and the gorillas. Greg was so happy we came to see him and after we left, Avery was saying 'daddy' every 5 minutes!

I am SO looking forward to next weekend - Mother's Day weekend! Happy Monday to my friends and family!

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