Friday, May 17, 2013

big girl, big world

Avery never ceases to amaze us with the adorable things she does. This past week she really thought she was doing big girl things. As I fed Avery a bottle and rocked her to sleep {yes, I still feed my 14-month old a bottle and give her lots of cuddles at night} I realized how big she is getting. Almost too long for me to hold like a little baby. 

We couldn't be more proud of the big girl she is becoming. Her sweet, yet determined personality makes us laugh all day long!

Avery is 'cleaning' the windows!

Avery helped Mommy & Daddy vote!

Avery thought she was a big girl with the princess backpack Aunt Sissy brought her.

And Avery's favorite new thing is helping to 'water' the flowers. We are trying to teach her to be GENTLE with the flowers!

Oh yes, and we are learning to smell the flowers, too!

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