Monday, April 1, 2013

the fever

Tuesday afternoon I got a call from Nanna that Avery's temp was 102.4...what!? what's wrong. We literally just finished her antibiotics! Turns out this darn temp has stuck around for 6 days! Low grade fever, no appetite, irritable, up all night...did I mention irritable? Lord, give us strength annnnnd wine!!!! I feel so bad for poor Avery. Her strep test was negative from the doctor. If her fever continues, it's back in to the doctor to be tested for a UTI. 

In the meantime, Greg and I have been switching off and on with staying home. I have never been one to take off very much time for illness. That has completely changed now with Avery. We don't have a 'back up' in case she can't go to daycare. Greg and I are the 'back up'. So that has been difficult and stressful. 

Unfortunately, our Easter weekend didn't turn out quite so fun as I had hoped. We planned to take Avery to an Easter Egg hunt and to stay the weekend in Lincoln. Since she was feeling under the weather, we opted for a weekend at home to relax. We went to Columbus on Easter Sunday and I think it was good for Avery to get out of the house. Daddy had to work on Sunday and we were sad. 

Day 1 home with Mommy

Day 2 home with Daddy

Day 3 

Day 4

Day 5...looks happy, but don't be deceived!

Eating her Easter cookie from Mimi and Pops!

Diggin these letters! They are so cute and girly!

Ready to brush hair at ALL times! LOL

Love her little Lily Pulitzer dress from Nownie!

Day 7 - home with Mommy/Daddy. HOPEFULLY tomorrow she is back to daycare and back to herself!


  1. Chryssy had those exact same Keen's :)

    1. Greg loves them because she thinks they are outdoorsy girl shoes :)