Tuesday, April 30, 2013

picnic in the yard

I couldn't wait to pick up Avery last night. It was sunny, the weather was warm and I had been waiting to go on a long stroller ride with my sweets. Daddy was working late, so it was just a girl's night. We went for a long walk around the 'hood, planted some flowers and decided to have a 'picnic' in the yard. We laid out my special outdoor blanket that I bought for moments like this and brought our picnic basket out filled with our fake plates, forks and cups. Avery loved it! 

Next time, I think I will actually bring dinner outside to eat. Something different to do. We finally went inside around 8:20 to get ready for bed. I am loving all of the fresh air! Bring on this awesome weather!

Daddy has also been loving this weather because it gives him a chance to finally work on the yard. Here are just a few projects he's beginning:

Painting the fireplace after completely reconstructing it this past fall.

Starting some landscaping in the front of the house and the side next to the street.

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