Monday, April 8, 2013

bday + barrets + baseball + backyard

We had a lovely weekend and took full advantage of the spring weather that is FINALLY upon us. Avery had an overnight with Grandma Jojo and Grandpa Tim on Friday night while Greg & I went to dinner at drinks with friends for Kyle Longenecker's birthday. Since we aren't having dinner club this month, it was nice to still get together with most of the club. We always have fun with this bunch. And I have to say that it is nice to get out with my hubby and spend time with friends. As much as I miss my baby when she's gone, it's important to still have 'our' time together. 

My mom, brother and Caitlin joined Greg, Avery and I for a Creighton baseball on Saturday. We took the Lincolnites to one of our favorite dive restaurants, Barrett's, for lunch beforehand. It's safe to say that Barrett's was a hit for everyone, including Avery who loved her grilled cheese and fries! My office has a suite at the stadium and my family had the whole thing to ourselves (thank you, Lockwood!). It was great. That evening we took Avery on a walk and grilled out. Beautiful weather, healthy family...gooood day! I went to bed a happy mama. 

Sunday was filled with a lot of Avery's new watching. We spent a good portion of the day either on a walk looking for dogs, walking on the sidewalk pointing at dogs, staring out the windows spotting dogs or in the backyard waiting for our neighbor's dog, Jack, to come out. I also managed to get some cleaning in. The weather was so nice, it was hard to stay inside. But I love it!

Dog watching...

More dog watching...

A few other things that occured this past week I forgot to blog about:

Avery is over her virus and back to her normal, happy self. It is AMAZING how much of a difference it makes.  Praying that it'll be awhile before she is hit with something else....

I finished my BFF's bridal shower invites and they are out the door! I love how they turned out.

Avery and I went on plenty of walks this week, some with daddy others just the 2 of us. 

I found my dream backyard. I showed the pic to Greg and he was on board. Now all we need to do is win the lottery to begin construction :)

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