Tuesday, April 30, 2013

sara's big day!

and by big day, I mean her bridal shower {not her wedding}! I had the pleasure of throwing my best friend's bridal shower {with the help of her other bridesmaids} this past Sunday. It is always so fun to shower the bride-to-be with gifts and it's really the only time it's completely acceptable to request expensive items with the expectation of receiving them! 

This shower was especially nice for Sara because she and Chop just purchased their first house! Lots of brand new items to put in her new place. I remember when Greg and I moved into our house and opened all of our brand new wedding gifts - was like Christmas, only better! We kept the majority of them in storage simply because of how small our apartment was. 

Sara's shower was held at St. Columbkille's reception hall in Papillion and we decorated with her wedding colors: lilac and mint. Beautiful! The food was yummy, she had a great turnout, everyone loved the games and the decorations were awesome. I know Sara had a great day and so did her guests. My mother-in-law and sister-in-law even made a special trip up from Oklahoma to attend the shower!

Thanks again to all who helped put the day on - it was one for the books! Unfortunately I was so busy the day-of that I forgot to snap photos....booo. So here is what I have:

picnic in the yard

I couldn't wait to pick up Avery last night. It was sunny, the weather was warm and I had been waiting to go on a long stroller ride with my sweets. Daddy was working late, so it was just a girl's night. We went for a long walk around the 'hood, planted some flowers and decided to have a 'picnic' in the yard. We laid out my special outdoor blanket that I bought for moments like this and brought our picnic basket out filled with our fake plates, forks and cups. Avery loved it! 

Next time, I think I will actually bring dinner outside to eat. Something different to do. We finally went inside around 8:20 to get ready for bed. I am loving all of the fresh air! Bring on this awesome weather!

Daddy has also been loving this weather because it gives him a chance to finally work on the yard. Here are just a few projects he's beginning:

Painting the fireplace after completely reconstructing it this past fall.

Starting some landscaping in the front of the house and the side next to the street.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

who needs sleep?

Apparently Avery doesn't! We are going on Week 3 of sleepless nights. When Avery had her fever earlier this month, we would get up and soothe her every time she fussed during the night. I feel as though we formed a habit after that. It is SO hard to know what is going on in that little mind. Is she sick, teething, having seperation anxiety, is she cold, scared, over-tired, going through a growth spurt....? 

Greg and I haven't been very consistent on handling this either. Sometimes we get her out of bed and rock her, other times we let her cry it out {which I HATE}. But after last night, this is the final straw. It's time to break this bad habit. I have another sinus infection and we all need our sleep!

Kinda kicking myself in the buns for bragging about Avery's amazing sleeping habits when she was a baby. Maybe it's payback time...

This morning...acting as if she got a great night's sleep! AND we put a braid in Avery's hair. Braids are for BIG girls!!

Monday, April 22, 2013

weekend highlights

It's already Monday? Bummer. And a rainy Monday, at that. Double bummer. Really wishing I was snuggled up in bed with my little family. 

Our weekend wasn't incredibly eventful, but went by fast. Here are a few highlights:

Grilling out at home and catching up on some TV shows once Avery went to sleep. As Greg grilled, I was starving. I roamed the fridge and decided to make an appetizer: bacon-wrapped jalapenos stuffed with cream cheese and pepperjack topped with BBQ sauce. Divine.

My husband never ceases to amaze me! LOL!

We also attended BOLT with the Richter clan. BOLT is the largest fundraiser in Lincoln and it happens to take place at our high school alma mater. We had never been, so it was fun to see the school transformed for the evening. So much as changed since I attended {10 years ago...!}. 

And as for my Avery? She had a good weekend, too! {minus the cold she has}

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

keep 'em coming

Even though Avery's birthday was last month, the gifts just keep coming!  She is loving her new chair from Nownie and G-Paul. She has now learned to stand and dance on the chair {which I'm convinced is a glimpse into her college years...oh dear}. Aunt Megan and Uncle Jeff also sent a raincoat for Avery. Today was the perfect day to try it out. It has been raining like crazy since this morning! 

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, April 15, 2013

future nurse?

Avery is obsessed with Aunt Sissy's stethoscope! She digs through her bags to look for it. Maybe she will be a nurse? {love it!}

Thursday, April 11, 2013

yay for siblings!

Aren't siblings the best? You may have ripped each other's hair out when you were younger, or in my case, told your sister she was adopted repeatedly but where would you be today if those pesky siblings weren't around?! 

Yesterday was National Sibling Day! Hooray! Just wanted to give a shout out to my brother and sister because they are the best. I feel incredibly fortunate to have been given wonderful siblings. We all unique in our own way, which is why we all mesh so well. Trips and get-togethers with my family are always so much fun simply because of the dynamic of everyone there. I am proud to say Jon and Kristin are my siblings!

Monday, April 8, 2013

bday + barrets + baseball + backyard

We had a lovely weekend and took full advantage of the spring weather that is FINALLY upon us. Avery had an overnight with Grandma Jojo and Grandpa Tim on Friday night while Greg & I went to dinner at drinks with friends for Kyle Longenecker's birthday. Since we aren't having dinner club this month, it was nice to still get together with most of the club. We always have fun with this bunch. And I have to say that it is nice to get out with my hubby and spend time with friends. As much as I miss my baby when she's gone, it's important to still have 'our' time together. 

My mom, brother and Caitlin joined Greg, Avery and I for a Creighton baseball on Saturday. We took the Lincolnites to one of our favorite dive restaurants, Barrett's, for lunch beforehand. It's safe to say that Barrett's was a hit for everyone, including Avery who loved her grilled cheese and fries! My office has a suite at the stadium and my family had the whole thing to ourselves (thank you, Lockwood!). It was great. That evening we took Avery on a walk and grilled out. Beautiful weather, healthy family...gooood day! I went to bed a happy mama. 

Sunday was filled with a lot of Avery's new hobby...dog watching. We spent a good portion of the day either on a walk looking for dogs, walking on the sidewalk pointing at dogs, staring out the windows spotting dogs or in the backyard waiting for our neighbor's dog, Jack, to come out. I also managed to get some cleaning in. The weather was so nice, it was hard to stay inside. But I love it!

Dog watching...

More dog watching...

A few other things that occured this past week I forgot to blog about:

Avery is over her virus and back to her normal, happy self. It is AMAZING how much of a difference it makes.  Praying that it'll be awhile before she is hit with something else....

I finished my BFF's bridal shower invites and they are out the door! I love how they turned out.

Avery and I went on plenty of walks this week, some with daddy others just the 2 of us. 

I found my dream backyard. I showed the pic to Greg and he was on board. Now all we need to do is win the lottery to begin construction :)

Monday, April 1, 2013

the fever

Tuesday afternoon I got a call from Nanna that Avery's temp was 102.4...what!? Great....now what's wrong. We literally just finished her antibiotics! Turns out this darn temp has stuck around for 6 days! Low grade fever, no appetite, irritable, up all night...did I mention irritable? Lord, give us strength annnnnd wine!!!! I feel so bad for poor Avery. Her strep test was negative from the doctor. If her fever continues, it's back in to the doctor to be tested for a UTI. 

In the meantime, Greg and I have been switching off and on with staying home. I have never been one to take off very much time for illness. That has completely changed now with Avery. We don't have a 'back up' in case she can't go to daycare. Greg and I are the 'back up'. So that has been difficult and stressful. 

Unfortunately, our Easter weekend didn't turn out quite so fun as I had hoped. We planned to take Avery to an Easter Egg hunt and to stay the weekend in Lincoln. Since she was feeling under the weather, we opted for a weekend at home to relax. We went to Columbus on Easter Sunday and I think it was good for Avery to get out of the house. Daddy had to work on Sunday and we were sad. 

Day 1 home with Mommy

Day 2 home with Daddy

Day 3 

Day 4

Day 5...looks happy, but don't be deceived!

Eating her Easter cookie from Mimi and Pops!

Diggin these letters! They are so cute and girly!

Ready to brush hair at ALL times! LOL

Love her little Lily Pulitzer dress from Nownie!

Day 7 - home with Mommy/Daddy. HOPEFULLY tomorrow she is back to daycare and back to herself!