Wednesday, March 20, 2013

neeew dooo

Go me! I took the plunge and decided to chop off another 3 inches of my hair. I had been contemplating doing it since January and finally decided what the heck, might as well! Greg was a big contributor to this idea. Every time I came home from the salon he'd be disappointed I didn't go shorter. 

Besides missing my sock bun, I really do love it. It looks more professional and it has more of a style. This spring weather (sort-of) has got me changin' up all sorts of stuff!

Greg was giving me crap that I wasn't smiling in this picture, but 1) I was ATTEMPTING to be artsy and 2) I had/have a sinus infection and felt like POOP.


  1. jealous. Jeremy pouts and complains if I even mention cutting my matter how long it currently is!

    1. Most guys love long hair, so I was pleasantly surprised Greg liked mine short. Funny how men have such an opinion on women's hair!