Tuesday, March 12, 2013

2 dates, one weekend.

For the first time in over a year, Greg and I had a weekend entirely to ourselves. At first it felt strange but we quickly decided to take advantage of it. Who knows when the next kid-free weekend will be! My parents offered to take Avery for the weekend so she stayed in Lincoln until Sunday.

Friday night we decided to dine at Bonefish and see Oz. One of my favorite things EVER is seeing a movie on opening night. But, Greg, not so much. He thinks the movie theater chairs are uncomfortable. He was a good sport, though, and agreed to go. Dinner was yummy and the movie was awesome. As we left the theater it was chilly and raining - my perfect kind of night. 

Photos from Avery down in Lincoln...

LOVIN Charlie!

Pecan Parmesan Trout - love Bonefish.

On Saturday, Greg and I spent the entire day cleaning the house. For all those with little ones, you know how difficult it is to keep a house clean. Even maintaining it proves to be a challenge. We scrubbed, sanitized, organized, dusted and vacuumed. It got to be about 5:00 and we were pondering what do that night. I suggested going on a 'cheap' date. {the evening before Greg was having a fit that we spent so much on dinner...} So we decided to share nachos a tex-mex restaurant down the road and see a movie at the $3 theater. We were in heaven! Although the sound and picture quality wasn't amazing, the theater was packed {and saw This is 40 again} and Greg loved that these 'old school' seats were comfy. Score! We left the movie again with it raining/sleeting. Another perfect night with my husband.

We woke up to snow, ice, wind and a time change! Thankfully my parents brought back Avery safe and sound. We spent the afternoon playing and cozying up. Even though I loved spending time with just Greg, we missed our baby and hearing her little feet patter on the floor and her voice yelling 'Dad' around the house. She is truly amazing. 

Cuddling in Grandpa & Grandma's bed.

Having her back in my arms feels so good!

This will be a busy week for us - celebrating Avery's 1st birthday on Thursday and prepping for her party on Saturday and the company that is attending. Fun times for sure!

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