Wednesday, February 27, 2013

snowmageddon = an epic fail

Last week we anticipated the arrival of snowmageddon. I stocked up on ingredients for crockpot recipes and kept our DVR full of shows. The snow began on Thursday around noon. I left the office at 2:00 to pick up Avery and head home, Greg followed around 3:30 and Kristin was already at the house. We were all home tucked away expecting to wake up to over a foot of snow. To our disappointment, we got a measly 6 inches...6 INCHES! What a joke. Lesson learned: don't trust the news. Clearly, when there isn't a lot going on around town, the lead story becomes weather-related. 

The one positive to the evening of the storm was a crockpot baked potato soup that my sister, Kristin made. It was easy, scrumptious and the perfect meal for a snowy day.

The remainder of the weekend looked a little like this: Old Chicago pizza + Grimm marathon with my hubby in bed, an afternoon trip to Home Depot to price out some wainscotting for the dining room/living, a last minute trip to Lincoln to see my family and dine at Fireworks {my favorite restaurant in Lincoln EVER} and last but not least, finding a new show on ABC that we are totally obsessed with: Zero Hour. 

Today we have another chance of snow. I am brushing it off, though, after this last letdown. Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn.

Excited about Avery's first pigtails!

Slightly obsessed with buying adorable jammies for Avery. These are my favorite to date!

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  1. Yes. Fireworks IS the best restaurant EVER.
    and that's coming from someone who worked there for almost 2 years!