Monday, February 11, 2013

Lenny & Tubes

Most babies have a comfort blankey, right? Not Miss Avery, she has a comfort Lemur. Lenny the lemur to be exact! She sleeps with Lenny, gives him hugs, talks to him, squeals with delight when she sees him. Although it's incredibly random we think it's adorable. 

Avery and Lenny

Today we also went to an ear specialist to have Avery's ears checked out. They say you are a good candidate if you've had 4 ear infections within a year. Avery has had 4 infections within the last 3 months. The doc took one (well, 2) look in her ears and said she's the perfect candidate for tubes. Although the idea of surgery at such a young age is kind of scary, it's a very standard procedure and at the end of the day we want Avery to feel 100% and to be able to recover from her colds with out getting an ear infection. 

I was shocked at how nonchalant they were about having the surgery. "So, when do you want to schedule it?" Holy shit, I guess we need to talk about it was both Greg and my response! We may have it done as early as next say a prayer for us!

Spent the day with Sara on Sunday doing wedding stuff!

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  1. Nate's had tubes - give me a holler if you want to ask Andrea any questions. I'm sure she'd love to give advice!