Wednesday, February 20, 2013

avery's ear tubes

Yesterday Avery had her little 'surgery' for her ear tubes. Everything went great. I have to say, I am so thankful for all of the texts, emails, calls and messages we received checking up on Avery and keeping her in your prayers. You know who you are and it really means a lot to me - thank you!!

We had to be at the hospital at 5:30AM. Avery stayed up the entire time, I figured she would've fallen back asleep on the drive but nope! After we checked in we met our nurse, the anesthesiologist, the support staff and the doc. When they took Avery away, she wanted to bring Lenny her lemur :) Within 5 minutes, the ENT came out and said she did great and they were waiting for her to come out of anesthesia. About 15 minutes later, Avery was back in our arms wanting to have a 'ba ba' and playing with some stacking cups. 

Avery has been a little off balance since yesterday (which they warned us would happen) but otherwise seems as if nothing happened. SHe is such a trooper. Mom, dad and Avery all took some naps yesterday. I am so glad that is over with! Today we are back to normal, back to daycare and work. 

Now it's time to prepare for the snowstorm everyone is talking about. I must admit, I am stoked about it. I am probably the only person with those feelings. I already have our crockpot meals planned!

Twinsies! After Avery's pre-surgery appt. Believe it or not, the doc said she already had another ear infection. She had only been off her antibiotics for 3 days...

Arriving at the hospital at 5:30AM

Holding Lenny pretty tight before surgery.
Right after surgery. Sorry I'm not wearing makeup!

My view for about 45 minutes...

Ready to play right after surgery!

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