Thursday, January 3, 2013

Update on Life!

First and foremost, Happy 2013! I am excited to see what this year brings us! 2012 was such a fantastic year - it will be hard to top! 

Here is a update on our lives since the holidays. Avery is growing like a weed and learning new things everyday. Greg and I are getting back in to the swing of our jobs. We have been spoiled with these long weekends. We are all suffering from the cold that is going around. It started with Avery last week and has worked its way to Greg and myself. It seems like everyone you talk to is sick. Yuck! 

What's new with Avery: this little sweetie is way busy!! Here are some stats on what she is up to:

  • Still no teeth! Crazy, I know! But she eats big girl food regardless. She is really loving shredded cheese. She picks each shred up individually and eats it :)
  • She is cruising and standing on her own. It's only a matter of time before she begins walking. She has also mastered crawling up the stairs. 
  • Avery can give kisses! Wide-mouthed, wet kisses. She will kiss on the lips (we've stopped that since all this sickness) and will kiss her baby doll. 
  • Words that she is saying: 'all done', 'no no no', 'duh' for dog, 'dat' for that, 'aih ca' for I can, daddy, mom, nana and 'uh uh' for uh oh. 
  • She is on a pretty good schedule and if she gets off can easily get back on. Naps at 10:00 and 2:00 and goes to bed around 8:30. 
  • Avery claps and waves bye bye. 
  • Avery LOVES to point! She points at EVERYTHING, especially noses. Over Christmas she'd point to the ornaments on the tree. That was code for 'let me grab them!'.
  • Baby has also learned object permanence, which is good and bad. Bad because she knows when we drop her off at Nanna's, put her to sleep, go in to another room that we are somewhere that she can't see us. She is at the peak age for separation anxiety and she is definitely showing signs of it.
  • Books and reading are her favorite! She gets that from her mama :) Her favorite books are ones with animals in them. She gets that from her dada ;)

Kisses for dolly!

The Haus' watched Rupert again! Rupert loved to be around Avery, however, he was more of a nuisance to her. He is such a good dog.

Ear infection #3... trying some of this to see if it helps....

Greg will kill me for posting this picture BUT this is a typical Saturday morning at our house! Avery wakes up and comes into bed with us. She LOVES finding daddy's nipples and armpit hair! LOL

Avery got her big girl carseat for Christmas. She looks adorable in it.

What I thought would be a quick project turned into an all-day project...for Greg. Let's just say there will be no more stenciling in our home :(

New Year Eve 2013. We opted for a low-key date night. The last date night we had was in the summer! Greg's parents watched Avery and we enjoyed dinner and a movie.

She looks so big in this pic! 
Can't wait to document more of the coming year. I am hoping this next month involves a lot of relaxation and family time.

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