Monday, January 21, 2013

Monday Already?

The most hated day of the week...I have a few shows on in the evening that get me through the day but other then that, Mondays stink!

We had a nice little weekend at the Haus residence. We took advantage of the nice weather and went on two walks, had munchies and drinks with our neighbors on Saturday evening, caught up on laundry and cleaned. 

Avery woke up on Saturday morning and said a new word 'baby'! She also took 4 steps in a row for me yesterday! She really picks and chooses when she wants to walk. I also think she is cutting a few more teeth - I could tell by the droolyness yesterday and the fusiness this morning. I feel for her, I know it must be painful. 

I haven't mentioned this in my blog yet, but my sister, Kristin, is living with us 3 days a week! She has started nursing school up in Omaha and is living with us Wednesday through Friday for this first semester. It has been so much fun having her around. We have already made Wednesdays our TV night that consists of watching The Bachelor and Deception in our pj's. 

Our walk on Friday evening! Daddy was helping a co-worker with a fence.

I got to meet Olivia O'Connor, my co-worker Emily's, baby! She was a dolly!

Avery helping Aunt Sissy and Alexa work on homework!

Learning to use a big girl cup! Wasn't entirely successful but she was motivated to try.

Tool time with daddy! Setting up Kristin's bookshelf in the guest room.

Miss Independent wanted to feed herself on Friday - it got a little messy...

Just being goofy with my sweetheart on Sunday!

Playing with her phone under the chair :)

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