Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Avery-10 Months & STEPS!!

Avery turned 10 months on January 14th which means in 2 months she will be considered a toddler!? No way! I cannot believe how quickly time has flown. We are already starting to plan her big first birthday party. Just doesn't seem possible.

I am proud to announce that Avery has taken her first few steps this week!! Unfortunately the first time it happened I was at the grocery store. Greg called and was so excited. She took another step for Nanna yesterday and then another when we got home for Greg and I. We knew it was coming - she has been getting more and more daring when it comes to reaching, standing on her own, and cruising from furniture piece to piece. By her 1st Birthday, she will be running around - so crazy!

I had a big moment of frustration this week as well. Avery is once again catching a cold. She woke up on Monday with a stuffy nose and by the time I picked her up on Monday night her nose was running like a faucet. She has been in good spirits but I am just waiting for the fever and ear tugging. I know it's coming but am crossing my fingers that it doesn't. Monday night I googled all night long how common it was for children to get sick at daycare. Most people had similar stories to mine - every couple of weeks something new comes until their immune system is built up. Most people said they were gone from work 20 days the first year of daycare....ummm really? I am praying that the spring weather will help with all this sickness.

I have been writing this past week about the new things that Avery is doing so I won't go in to much detail. But wow, it seems like every week she learns a handful of new things. She is adjusting to daycare much better. Yesterday when I went to pick her up she noticed me and then went back to playing! Before she would crawl over to me as fast as possible to pick her up. Knock on wood that this keeps up. Nanna calls her peanut, among many others. It cracks me up - she really is petite but such a good eater!

Avery is ready for Easter!

Mom, what's for dinner? I know I shouldn't have but I let her play in the fridge last night while I cooked. She had more fun taking food out of the drawers! It kept her preoccupied for a good 20 minutes :)

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