Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas 2012

It is a fluke that I can add photos again!? Let's hope this continues!

Merry (late) Christmas to all! This time of year is so much fun and now with Avery, it makes the holiday even better! Our Christmas holiday began a week early in Lincoln with my family. 

We went on our annual Christmas lights tour, which begins with dinner at Don & Millies and continues with a cooler, a mixed drink, a van and a camera. This is our third year of going! Saturday evening we had a traditional Christmas dinner followed by gift opening. We were spoiled :)

Isn't my Avery the sweetest?

One of the two Christmas trees in my parents house.

Prime rib MMmmm

Unfortunately, I got a yucky stomach bug on Sunday that spread to Jon & Kristin. Not exactly how I wanted to end our celebration.

This past week we went down to Tulsa to spend the actual holiday with the Haus'! (Every year we rotate holidays). It was nice to have a few extra days to spend with everyone. Avery was the highlight of the trip and she did such a good job with all of the new faces and being passed around from person to person.

Again, we were spoiled! So thankful for such awesome families and all of the laughs and memories we continue to make. 

Annual Christmas pic!



Oh and how can I forget our families little Christmas that we celebrated? The blizzardy weather last Wednesday was the perfect time to start the fireplace and open gifts. 

Watching the snow fall.

For all those who know Greg, they know his infamous moccasins that were his dad's. He whips them out in the chilly months and they were worn to the sole! I decided to get Greg a new pair and he was thrilled!


  1. So were these the 'perfect' gift for Greg that you mentioned earlier that you were you to be able to surprise him with? Nancy C.

  2. LOL yes, and some smart wool socks :)