Monday, November 12, 2012

Random Monday Thoughts

1. I am really proud of myself because today I started on Greg's Christmas gift. My poor hubby is usually the last on my list, which means I usually don't have time to get him what he really wants. He made it a point to remind me this weekend that he always picks up on my cues when I hint at something I want. Now I am returning the favor. After 6 years of being together I thought I'd be better at this. I can't wait to see the smile on his face this year when he opens his gifts to find it's EXACTLY what he wants :)

2. I am chopping my hair off. Yep. It's way too long. It's a lot of maintenance. Most importantly I am ready for a change. I've spent so many years growing it out thinking it was exactly what I wanted. I've come to find out that it's not. That and I'm not 18 years old anymore. I don't get to throw it in a pony tail for school all day and call it good. I now have an 8 month old that thinks it's fun to tug at my locks and an 8-to-5 job that requires me to look professional. So good bye hair! 

Lately I've been channeling Emily from Revenge. I'm thinking of doing something similar to this:

3. The greatest pleasure I have on Mondays (besides seeing Avery's face when I pick her up) is the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is on. Oh how I love Kyle Richards. I love her hair and her kitchen and her adorable little family. I just re-read the beginning of this thought and it sounds dirty....tehehe :)

4. I am LOVING how our living room is coming together. My friend, Megan, and I have been talking about stenciling for months now. I have found one I love and she has been working on hers in her bathroom. Wallpaper is out - stenciling is in! I can't wait to stencil on our fireplace wall.

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