Monday, November 12, 2012

Avery's 1st Cold

BLAH! - the perfect way to describe my feelings towards Avery's first cold. Nanna called me on Thursday because Avery had a fever. So off I went to pick her up from daycare. The first week there and she is already sick...awesome. When I saw her, her little face just read, 'I'm congested'. I felt for her. In the last 72 hours, I have never dealt with so much snot, crying, and Vick's vapor rub. 

Even worse, we weren't able to go down to Oklahoma to visit Greg's family. I was personally looking forward to getting away for a few days and Greg was excited to see his family. However, I'm glad we decided to stay back and take the time to get Avery better. I cannot imagine driving down there with a stuffy, fevered baby. It would've been pure torture for everyone involved. 

Today Avery seemed to be feeling lots better so she went to Nanna's again. I know that getting sick (especially infants) is inevitable. But it's such a horrible feeling to see them so miserable. Greg and I have had such little sleep lately, we both are starting to feel run down. Let's hope this passes soon!

Friday night Greg and I though we'd take advantage of the situation by making a favorite around here: soup and grilled cheese and watch Harry Potter. We didn't get very far in to the movie before Avery woke up...

Groggy baby was still in pretty good spirits.

We got pretty desperate on Saturday night and decided to have Avery sleep in her carseat. Best decision we made all weekend. It really helped her be able to breathe.

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