Saturday, October 13, 2012

NE City 2012

Last weekend, our little family was able to spend a Saturday exploring the orchards in Nebraska City. It really is a quaint little town with lots of trees (hello, it's where Arbor Day was founded) that look especially beautiful in the fall months. I am really hoping that we can make this an annual fall trip for our family. As Avery gets older she will really enjoy exploring the trails and participating in all of the kid-friendly activities at Arbor Farms. Even though the day was chilly, we managed to enjoy ourselves with apples, kettlecorn, trails, scenery and wine. 

Breakfast of champions! McDonald's before our road trip.

My happy girl!

At Kimmel Orchard.

Showing Avery all of the salsa options...

Daddy and Avery taking a break.

Having a little wine :)

Avery loved the hayrack ride so much she fell asleep!

We loved the trails at Arbor Farms!

My loves.

Forest art...very cool.

Still loves her soothie paci's.

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