Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Jessie Beck's Wedding

My dear friend, Jessie Beck, got married this past weekend. I always refer to her as 'Beck' so now that her last name has changed I'm not sure what I am going to call her! I lived with Beck and Sara when I first moved up to Omaha. I like refer to that summer as the best summer of my life. 

Beck was one of the most beautiful brides I have seen. Kenny is a lucky man! My favorite parts of the day were watching Kenny and Beck pose for their photos (you could see the love in their eyes) and the flowers. They were gorgeous. I wasn't able to get many pictures because I was pretty busy throughout the day being a personal attendant, but here are the few that I took:

MOH and bride at Mod Salon

Chryssy, Kenny's daughter, ready for the big day!

I was obsessed with the flowers - peonies and garden roses are my fav!

MOB helping her soon-to-be son!

Where they guys were for the majority of the day....

Sweet Sophie and her mommy.

Getting ready.

Exchanging rings.

Time to let loose before the reception. Love these girls!

Nicole and I were personal attendants. SO thankful we did it together :)

May not be the most appropriate but I think Beck is gorgeous in the pic.

MOH speech!

Greg and I. We only lasted until 9:00 I was so tired!!

Oh yes and I cannot forget to include a picture of my rehearsal dinner food. It was mmmmmgoooood! Dinner was at Millard Roadhouse, which is ironically very close to our house. Greg has wanted to try it for awhile and I was never in the mood but after going we will definitely be back. 

Welcome to the Midwest.

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