Monday, October 22, 2012

It was a fun weekend!

It was a super fun weekend filled with lots of family time. Greg's parents came up on Thursday evening and stayed until Sunday. We enjoyed our cozy evenings watching the Cardinals and walking around the Old Market with the beautiful fall weather. Avery was so happy to see them and, of course, had lots of new things to show them!

Saturday evening we had our second annual haunted house and dinner night. Jon, Caitlin, Kristin & Pete came up to Omaha for dinner at Roja and then Mystery Manor. We were quite impressed with Mystery Manor - definitely more scary than Scary Acres last year!

This is truly my favorite time of year. I just love everything about fall. And even though today is gloomy, I love this weather (I like to say it's Twilight weather). This next week is probably the best part about fall - Halloween! I am really looking forward to all of the things we plan to do in the next week to celebrate it - spooky movies, candy, Spooktacular at the Zoo, Pumpkin Patch, chilly weather, Richter annual pumpkin carving, crockpot meals and seeing Avery in her Halloween costume!!!

Here are some photos from the weekend. Scott, my father-in-law, also got some great photos I need to post when I get home. 

Giving Mimi some hugs.

Avery is always the entertainment.

Having fun at Upstream Brewery!

Dinner at Roja!

Waiting in line for Mystery Manor.

I love my hubby - we don't get enough of these pictures together!

Happy Avery!

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