Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Girls Weekend!

I had a blast visiting my friend, Megan, and her family this past weekend. Greg and I have missed them so much since they moved out to Imperial, Nebraska. They were our 'poster parents' for showing us what balancing family, friends, etc was like. 

Megan and I drove to Denver on Saturday to go shopping - and it was a success! I'm pretty sure she managed to get more than me even though she goes there all the time but that's okay. It was fun to catch up and not have to watch the clock for nap times and feedings. It felt great to sit and have a mojito at 2:00pm on a Saturday and worry about no one but myself - mommies need their time, too! 

I was excited to come home to my family on Sunday and show Greg and Avery what I got. Now here we are - Tuesday already. So ready for next weekend - the Haus family has some fun things planned!!

Honorary member of Kappa Kappa Gamma. Kristin and her sorority sisters spent Friday afternoon with Avery. Avery was so excited - she was showing all the girls how she puts Sophie on her head!!

Finally home.

Late night Sunday pizza and DVR catchup with my husband. He was putting together some shelves for Avery's toys.

We introduced Avery to the Johnny Jumper last night - and she LOVED bouncing! Greg and I couldn't stop laughing!

Went to change out of my work clothes and left Avery sitting in her crib for LITERALLY a minute. I came back to find her on her knees reaching for her mobile. She was trying to stand so bad! Tonight Greg is lowering the mattress.

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