Thursday, October 25, 2012

Daycare Found!

Our prayers have been answered - we have found an in-home daycare for Avery!! This is such a huge relief for me - mommies out there will understand if you've been in my shoes. Weeks went by and I was getting pretty discouraged. I literally called over 20 places - some were full, others cost more than my mortgage a month. I don't know how some people afford it. 

Anyways, one afternoon Greg called me at work and suggested calling a lady who had a sign on her fence that we pass that's down the street from our house. I was reluctant simply because I didn't know anyone that had gone there. But at this point, I had called all of the centers and in-home places that were given to me so we were out of options. 

The minute I called and the lady answered I knew I would like her. She goes by 'Nana' as luck would have it - she had one position open. When we went to meet with her, I just knew it was a great place for Avery. She runs her daycare as if the children are going to Grandma's. She gives lots of hugs and kisses and treat the children as if they are her own. In addition, she was a teacher in the Millard district for 19 years and started a daycare once all of her children moved out of the house. 

I loved the sense of community the daycare had. And after talking to her references, doing 2 background checks - one through a government friend and the other through Health and Human services (I know we are crazy) we were reassured that Avery will be in good hands.

And so it begins, this crazy thing called daycare. I know that Avery will love being surrounded by the kids and having new toys everyday. I am not looking forward to her getting sick but that comes with the territory. Avery starts on November 5th. I'm sure there will some tears from me. I am so happy that we've found someone new I feel like I can trust but I will truly miss Caitlin coming. She has been such a blessing for us and especially little Avery.


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