Monday, October 29, 2012

All Things Fall

Reader alert: this post will be long. I took some good pictures this weekend and since you all know how much I love this time of year, I feel it's necessary to post a good majority of them on here :)

Give a girl a bag of chips and she's content...just like her mama!

This weekend began with our annual Richter pumpkin carving. Every year my mom sets out the pumpkins around our backyard as if it was a pumpkin patch and each of us goes out and picks 'our pumpkin'. We tried something new this year and didn't allow stencils for our pumpkins - free-hand only! It turned out to be fun and neat to see everyone's designs. We ended the evening with my all-time favorite Halloween movie - Monster Squad. I love when my family gets together. We laugh so hard. Avery became even more fascinated with Charlie. Unfortunately the feeling wasn't mutual. After one tug on the ear, Charlie learned to move away the minute he saw Avery. Oh well. 

Always stealing the show!

Avery-sized pumpkin!

Greg, Avery and my pumpkins are on the far right. Greg was VERY secretive about what he was carving until he was done. And boy, was he proud!

Jon & Caitlin with their masterpieces.

Saturday was BUSY! We drove back to Omaha so that Avery and I could attend my co-worker, Emily's, baby shower while Greg tended to our yard. We officially became 'those neighbors' with our leaves blowing into everyone's yards. But Emily's shower was so sweet and all of my other co-worker's got to see Avery. Everyone loved her and she was a good girl the entire time.

Emily is expecting her baby girl on New Year's Eve!

Right after the baby shower, we attended Henry's first birthday party at Gifford Farms. LOVED the birthday theme and it was a great fall day! And sweet, sweet Hen couldn't have been more adorable. Avery and Henry really enjoyed staring and each other and playing with their coats....early stages of flirting perhaps?!

Matching North Face's!

Silly baby!

After a long day of running around, we decided to squeeze one more thing in to the day: Spooktacular at the zoo. Busy day + sitting in her carseat - a good nap + chilly weather = ONE CRABBY BABY. Avery is never too fussy but after a melt-time with trying on her costume and getting her into her carseat, we decided to scratch the costume for the zoo. She somewhat enjoyed being there. Next year we will try to space out the events...

Henry participating in a game at the zoo.


This was Avery's attitude the entire night. Not a whole lot of smiling going on, which is rare!

Getting some apple cider, I loved this little booth for some reason.

To top off the weekend, Sunday evening Greg and I attended the Red Hot Chili Peppers concert. It was one concert on my bucket list so I'm glad we got to go. It wasn't everything I hoped it would be, BUT we had amazing seats and good company. 

So here goes another week....cheers to loving life!

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