Friday, September 28, 2012

This Past Week

This week has been hectic! Greg has been working a lot, I've been attempting to clean the house and Miss Avery has been a busy bee! Her newest things this week: dancing when standing (specifically to Bob Marley's 'Three Little Birds') and holding her hands out to pick her up. It's so sweet - how can you not with those big, brown eyes looking at you??

That's all I have for now - busy finishing up some things at work and this afternoon I'm driving to Imperial, NE to visit our good friends, The Wenzlicks.

Such a pretty girl, playing at my parent's in Lincoln. Pretty sure my mom has more toys than us....

Saturday evening was Beck's bachelorette party. We went to small town bars and it was a blast! Haven't had a girls night since Avery was born!!

Jessie's Bachelorette Crew

Having a good time in Weeping Water, NE!

Getting SO big.

Sunday Avery & I cut back the hostas and spent some time outside. We are loving this fall weather.

I think we are teething (can you tell from the pic?) has been fussy :(

Learning to crawl! She likes being on all fours and bouncing!

First time at the park! We are lucky enough to have a park basically in our backyard. She loved the swing but loved sitting and playing in the sand even more!

Watching the big kids play. 

I have been having serious emotional breakdowns this week as it's time to pack away Avery's bouncer and glider. I will post more on that later. Trust me, it deserves it's own post (in my opinion).

Nothing like starting a project! Greg decided last Saturday it would be a good time to chop down our dying tree in the backyard. I was opposed to this but I know Greg was excited to give using a chainsaw a try. We spent our entire Wednesday evening cutting and moving branches. Anybody need some wood??

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