Saturday, September 8, 2012

First Family Bike Ride

Last night was what I needed. *CORRECTION* Last night was EXACTLY what I needed. I could go on and on about the week from hell I had at work, but I'm choosing to brush anything work-related under the rug this weekend and focusing on the important stuff: family and friends.

Yesterday I came home and was mentally exhausted. All I wanted was to spend an evening with my husband and baby girl. We got out the new Burley that the Haus' gave us and decided to take our first family bike ride around the neighborhood. Words cannot explain how much I needed that - the crisp fall weather, our friendly neighbors waving as we rode by, my happy baby enjoying herself and Greg cheering me up - it was EXACTLY what I needed.

We finished off the evening with some lawn maintenance, Old Chicago pizza, bath & snuggle time with Avery and DVR catch-up. I'm looking forward to many more of these nights now that fall is almost here! 

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