Thursday, September 20, 2012

Avery - 6 Months

At Avery's 6 month doctor appointment

I have GOT to get better about writing about Avery every month so that I can look back and reflect on what she's doing. I always write it in her baby book and take hundreds of pictures to document every tiny thing but I still like to have a place to descriptively write about her.

These past couple of months Avery has really hit some big milestones. I wrote about her rolling over which was exciting, but she is also saying "MAMA", "DADA" and "BA" (for ball). She can make her razz sound and loves to do it - spit flies everywhere but she doesn't care! We are also starting to see signs of scooting. If Avery is fixated on a toy out of her reach she can use her hands and body to turn and move to get the toy. Also, when laying on her stomach and can put pressure on her legs to move. Sometimes she will even stretch her legs out and put her bottom up in the air. Her doctor said next time we come in she will be crawling around. 

Avery is also now able to sit entirely on her own. If she falls backwards or to her side she doesn't seem to mind. If she is laying down on her back and wants to sit up she gets mad! You can see her using her neck and back to try and sit up on her own. If we place the boppy around her as support she loves to arch her head and neck back real fast again and again. She is a little adventurous like her daddy, I can tell. 

I've already written in my previous posts that Avery is eating baby food. Next month we can start giving her table food! I can't believe it's already that time... Last night Avery proved herself smart again by picking up her spoon off the highchair and fed herself! We did this about 5 times - I filled the spoon with food, set it on the tray and Avery quickly picked it up and put it in her mouth! She is also learning to use a sippy cup. She easily can get distracted when she's drinking her bottle. If she hears a voice, she'll arch and move to see where they are or she often finds my mouth very interesting so she decides to play with that and forgets it's time to eat. She has become very spit-up-y since she is now on just formula so we are going to try the acid reflux one in hopes of less spit-up. The spit-up doesn't seem to bother her but it makes a mess!

I have to say that my favorite thing at this age is the fun interaction we have. She LOVES to make you laugh and really thinks she is talking to you. We will have having a conversation with her and out of the blue she will make a razz sound in your face or scrunch her nose like a piggy.  I love talking with her and you can tell by her facial expression that her little brain is churning. Doctor Newhaus said you can tell that she knows that certain words mean, like 'bath' and 'nap'. All you have to do is look at her and smile and she smiles back and squeals with delight. Oh and no stranger anxiety....yet. She definitely gives you a look if she is unfamiliar with you though.

Still loving bath time and still is a good sleeper for us. We are really on a good schedule with getting her ready for bed. She isn't sleeping as long during the day though. 2-4 hours is the max amount of hours she sleeps during the day. Little girl is just like Greg - doesn't want to miss out on a thing! You can tell when she gets tired because she gets fussy and rubs her eyes. You also know when she's up in the morning because she likes to talk and yell to herself. She is still SO happy in the morning. Wish I felt that way when I woke up!

Still no teeth but man, she can gnaw on your finger. She loves new textures and toys. Her new favorite toys include: an old tape roll, tupperware, the remote control and cell phones. Sophisticated, eh? She also loves to have her toy bins placed in front of her so that she can take every single toy out. Same goes for her diaper caddy - she loves taking out all of her diapers.

It's getting easier taking her places as far as feedings go because she can go longer without needing a meal. But now she doesn't sleep through things like dinner and shopping. The other night we grabbed dinner with a friend and she sat in a highchair the entire time, wanting to grab the ketchup bottle. She doesn't like laying in her carseat because then she can't see what's going on.

I see more and more traits of Greg in her as she gets older. I need to ask Greg is he sees any of me in her. She officially has brown eyes (the doctor was right) and her hair is lightening a bit. At her doctor appointment she was 15 pounds, 8 ounces (42%) and 27 inches (89%). As the doctor watched her sit and stand and talk she said, "Wow, she just thinks she's a big girl doesn't she?!" So true - she really does! 

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