Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Twist on a Typical Monday

My Mondays typically consist of keeping busy in the mornings at work because I know once the afternoon hits, the office will get quiet. And I know that the only thing that will get me through the afternoon is thinking of Avery and reminding myself which shows are on Monday nights to watch (right now: Bachelor Pad, Grimm and Real Housewives of NY). Those damn Housewives shows are sadly my addiction...

But yesterday I wanted to give myself something exciting to look forward to after work. So we changed up our usually boring Monday with a Girl's Dinner Date! Avery and I met my BFF, Sara, for dinner and drinks at J.Coco. It was nice to catch up with her and hear what was new with her and Chop. Our dinner was awesome and our Riesling was perfect. Avery ended the night trying on the final piece to her adorable cupcake costume for Halloween :)

Greg had Cole over last night because they are designing some kind of ramp for biking. He ended the night was his Monday indoor soccer league. 

"Ummm, Dad, time to wake up and play!"

Loved our date with Sara!

Avery the Cupcake Baby. She's as sweet as a cupcake, too.