Friday, August 10, 2012

The Dog Days are Over?!

I'm about to do a happy dance - I am in love with the gorgeous weather today! 85 degrees feels like 65 degrees after the summer we've had. I heard on the radio this past July was the hottest it's ever been, even warmer than the Dust Bowl summer. Soooo does this mean the dog days are over?! (Cue Florence & the Machine's song). One can only hope...

Since I am so happy about the weather, I thought I'd post some other things that make me happy:

My hubby is on a biking kick. He says Colorado has inspired him to ride. I am proud of him! 

Last night we sat on the patio and relaxed while Greg grilled. 

Electric Lemonade mmm! Went along nicely with Greg and my romantic night of watching Bachelor Pad.

Went home for lunch today and daddy still had Aves in her jammies. I was jealous.

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