Thursday, August 23, 2012


It's official...we have a roller on our hands! Greg finally mastered the skill of rolling! KIDDING! Our little Avery has. After months of practicing and enticing her with toys on each side of her blanket, she is finally consistently rolling over. She started rolling a few months ago but only on a rare occasion. She'd roll one day and then days, weeks would go by without her rolling again. The doctor said it wasn't anything to worry about - but that was at her 4-month appointment - and now she is over 5 months old. So naturally, as a parent, you begin to worry when your baby isn't hitting the typical milestones that others are at her age. I was beginning to get a little panicky. 

So I was thankful for this past week when Avery started rolling more and more (lots for my grandma) and then these past couple of mornings I have woken up at 5AM to a whining baby because she had rolled over in her sleep and got her hand caught. Then I came home from yoga last night to Greg videotaping Avery. She would roll over, Greg would place her on her back and a minute later she'd roll again! And again! 

I am so excited for Avery. Seeing her accomplish a new skill makes me feel like I need to tackle something. And by something, I mean my enormous work load at the office today. Today I'm going to get some serious work done like a boss. CARPE DIEM!

This is Avery sleeping this morning - she figured out how to move both hands out from under her so she could fall back asleep.

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