Monday, August 27, 2012

Just the Two of Us

Waking up this morning to no baby noises coming from the nursery was beyond weird. Last night was equally as weird when we knew we could turn the TV volume up past 9:00PM and didn't have a night light on across the hallway. Avery is in Lincoln with my mom until tomorrow and we are missing her terribly! I literally found myself walking around the house last night like a lost was like I didn't know what to do since she was gone!

What would've been the perfect opportunity for Greg & I to have watched a movie in bed or to have gone to bed early turned into a talk-fest and photo-swap about/of Avery. We are such nerds. Tonight we are going to try and take advantage of having an evening with just the two of us. But I am already looking forward to my 3-day weekend with my babe!

Here are some pictures from this past week:

The Ryan's came over for dinner and to see Avery. Andrew was a good helper and gave Avery every.single.toy he could find. LOL

One of my all-time favorites! (Got to give Greg credit for this pic) Avery has been scrunching her nose and breathing fast - almost like a little piggy. My book says she's at the age where she will try and make us laugh and she's doing a great job of it!

Finally getting around to some painting! This picture doesn't do the color justice - really looks beautiful. Good job, hubby!

Greg was on a painting kick Friday - after painting the wall he proceeded to paint some drywall in the garage.

Avery in her Levi's jeggings! So darn cute! We ran errands on our rainy Saturday and then went to church and dinner as a family.

Cuddling with my goofy girl.

Playing before off to Lincoln.

There's that scrunchy face again!

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