Monday, August 6, 2012

Beck's Shower & The Haus'

With Caitlin out of the country this month, we have had to ask family to step in and help watch Avery a few weeks this month. We are so lucky to have family that wants to help as much as they can. 

So this week Roberta & Katy came up from Tulsa to watch Avery. They cannot believe how much she has grown and is talking. Still the same old sweet, happy baby she's always been though :)

This past Saturday was Jessie Beck's bridal shower at Soaring Wings Winery. Can't believe her wedding is already around the corner. I need to get working on her wedding programs! Eeek!
Beck's Bridal Shower - hard to get a good picture with the sun/wind.

I LOVE playing with my toes - they are usually in my mouth!

My mom bought us a jogging stroller. Looks like it's time to me to start running. My last 5 pounds have decided to stick around longer then I'd like :(

Roberta, Katy & I had some wine on the deck yesterday afternoon while Avery slept.

Avery fell asleep on the stroller ride last night. Look at those gorgeous lashes!

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