Monday, July 30, 2012

Little Sidekick

On Friday our friend's, The Blakes, had their reveal party. Going to one made me wish we would've listened to my mom's suggestion and done one. Nothing better than being surrounded by your closest family and friends to 'reveal' the gender of your baby. It was a happy event and a good excuse to get everyone under the same roof to catch up and party.  Jake and Jess found out they were having a boy! In the words of Greg, "Another one I have to keep away from Avery!" HA. 

Jess holding my baby girl. She will make one good momma.

Avery was my little helper on Saturday as we ran errands, painted the remaining stripes in the basement, cleaned and folded laundry and finalized our paint color for the upstairs. I love my weekends with her. She is my little sidekick :)

Learning to sit on her own!

Our basement/toy room. It's coming along.

Yesterday my parent's came up to pick out some bedroom furniture at Nebraska Furniture Mart. They left with furniture AND a new iPad for my mom! Greg, Avery and I walked around with them for awhile while they browsed.

Avery is so into touching hair, cheeks, noses and mouths now.

We ended the weekend with grilling, some wine and the Olympics. Happy Monday, all. 

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