Thursday, July 5, 2012

The 4th & Rupert

I'm not a huge fan of having the 4th on a Wednesday - makes today feel like a Monday! Yuck!

Greg, Avery & I went down to the Wagner's lake-house yesterday for the afternoon/evening.  This 4th was much different than others now that we have Avery. It wasn't as easy to throw a quick bag together and drive on down. Instead we packed 5 bags and took a good couple of hours to get going. Hopefully in time we will get this packing/traveling thing down to a science. We were so busy with Avery that we really didn't even have time to drink! A strange occurrence on a holiday such as the 4th. 

In addition to the holiday this week we also agreed to watch our friends' dog, Rupert. Rupert is a 5-pound yorkie and is the sweetest little thing. Doesn't shed, doesn't bark, hasn't had an accident in the house, goes in his kennel at night and best of all - LOVES Avery. I'm not kidding. This doggie has to be right next to Avery when she is playing, he sits at her door if she makes a peep, watches her eat and peeks on her if she's napping in her glider. It's the cutest thing I've seen in a long time. I've been having fun taking pictures of the things they do together :)

Here are some pictures from the week:

Found this pumpkin in the guest room as I was cleaning and Avery was fascinated with it. Initially she'd look at it and turn her head away real fast. She did that about 4 times before she really started staring. 

Learning to grab toys with both hands at a time and pull.

I needed to change so I let Avery watch my favorite show - Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. I think she liked it :)

First time in her high chair! Momma even put it together herself! 

When Avery eats, Rupert wants to be nearby. 

When Avery bathes, Rupert wants to watch what's going on.

Starting to get the hang of her new seat! Yay!

When Avery plays, Rupert joins in on the fun!

I made oreo balls for the 4th and everytime I turned on the blender, Avery & Rupert simultaneously stopped what they were doing and gave me a look of terror.

When Avery takes a siesta, Rupert is nearby doing the same thing.

When it's playtime, Rupert makes sure Avery is okay.

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