Friday, June 1, 2012


TGIF is all I have to say! I am so ready for the weekend. I'd like to apologize for my debbie-downer post yesterday. I normally am a very positive person, but all of these recent expenses put my emotions on overdrive and I felt the need to vent. Sometimes talking it out (well, writing in my case) can be very therapeutic for me - so that's that. And I realize that to some people these expenses are tiny, but to us, they aren't. 

We did receive good news on the kitchen yesterday. Someone came and tested for water damage/mold and found no mold!! Only a little water damage that requires a dehumidifier and new side to the wood cabinet. Wooooo, our prayers were answered. So I may have been a little premature on my ranting about the expense of the kitchen BUT like I said when I started this blog - I want to document what's going on in our lives so I can look back in a month, a year, 3 years and remember what was going on.

This week has also been a big week for Avery! Besides being baptized, she has also had other milestone moments. Within these last few weeks, Avery has discovered her hair, legs and feet. It is the cutest thing watching her explore these new findings. She tends to find her hair when she's sleepy since she usually sleeps with her arms over her head. Those little hands rub her head almost as if she is checking make sure that hair is still there. Cracks Greg and I up! And now that she has found her legs (more than her feet - she finds these on occasion) everytime we change her diaper or lay her on the couch or bed she find those legs and tries to grab and hold on to them. But once she lets go, it kind of startles her. 

Well also introduced the Bumbo this week since Avery has really shown an interest in sitting upright. She really liked it! A little wobbly but good for her to practice back and neck support. Such a big girl!

Greg dressed her in her little OU dress yesterday!


  1. BOOMER! Greg is improving on his outfit selection. The color definitely looks good on her. Scott

  2. I have to agree - she looks good in red/scarlett/crimson! :)