Friday, June 22, 2012

Our Week Through Pictures

I really like writing one post about what we've been up to this past week - means I get to cover everything in one post, pictures and all :)

So here we go!

As I begin to upload these photos, I realize that we don't get many pictures taken as a family. I am going to try and do a better job of getting more of those!

Avery got a new toy this week! Still a tad too little but she enjoyed sitting upright and looking at all of the colors. She didn't attempt to reach for any of the toys but watched in awe as Greg and I played with them. Our living room now looks like a toy room, which brings me to my next picture....

We are finally getting around to painting stripes in our basement! We are painting them on the west wall in the basement. With some help from Greg, I was able to do this portion of it after work while Avery took a nap. This area of the house will (hopefully) be where most of the larger toys go. Clutter drives me nuts and that's exactly what our living room is right now.

So working on the basement inspired me to starting getting some ideas for our kitchen - one day! I have always loved a green kitchen. I love the simplicity of the space.

Eating area - Cape Cod look with a few contemporary elements. Perfection.

I cannot get enough pictures of Avery sleeping! She looks like such a little angel, don't you think? Lately she has been moving every direction possible in her crib. It amazes us.

Changing baby over lunch. Lately Avery has been 'talking' and carrying on a conversation like crazy. It is seriously the cutest thing to watch. Her noises even come with some facial animation.

So my next post will be about the CWS that has taken over the city of Omaha! More pictures to come over the weekend! 

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