Friday, June 8, 2012

Our Week Through Pictures

Avery LOVES when you sing to her, I think she is curious as to how your mouth moves the way it does.
(Disregard the messy living room in the background!)

Avery in her OU gear. Pretty sure Greg took her to Hy-Vee in this ensemble!

Volunteering at the zoo - last Friday was Dream Night. An evening where disabled children and their families got to come to the zoo to play games and walk around at their own pace. It was a neat experience.

Annie Valente had her baby shower at our old stomping grounds. Her and Dan moved to North Carolina this past year so it was great to see her.

More bumbo time! Probably watching The Real Housewives of New Jersey!

Aunt Sissy came up to watch Avery while Greg and I went on our first date since she was born!
It was great just to spend time with Greg and laugh.
We ate at Bonefish and went to Snow White & the Huntsman (both were great!)

Avery rolled over for her first time!!! Tummy to back!!
Of course I was at work but Greg was there to capture the moment. We are so proud!

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