Friday, June 29, 2012

June Taco Ride

Last night we went on the Taco Ride for Sara's 26th birthday! Lately it has been terribly hot and humid and yesterday was no exception! But our group came decked out in their 80's gear in celebration of Sara and we all had a good time. 

By the time we got to Margaritaville (halfway point going to Mineola - 6miles) we were all dripping sweat. The best (and only) part of it being so miserable outside was that the trail wasn't congested and Tobey Jack's Steakhouse wasn't too packed. You usually have to stand around and wait for a table until a group leaves. Once we got home, a shower has never felt so good. Greg especially had a good time and maybe a few beers too many - I caught him raiding the fridge or leftover pizza and chocolate chips?! HA

Here are a few pictures from the evening:

Greg sharing his bike with Chop :)

Margaritas in Margaritaville!

The group that biked! 3 others met us in Mineola for tacos.

Birthday girl with her gift!

At the infamous Tobey Jacks in Mineola.

Always a band playing - love it!
As I look through these pictures, it makes me realize how much fun this is. Don't get me wrong, it's a workout but I love that it doesn't matter who you are, how fast you ride or how old you are - everyone is welcome. We've tried to make it a point to go once a month over the summer and so far we have! 

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