Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day

Greg celebrated his first Father's Day this year! Although most people only celebrate the day of - we celebrated the entire weekend! And why not?! We have a lot to celebrate. Another busy weekend, for sure!

Justyn & Becky's wedding was on Friday night! Avery looked adorable - until she spit up on her dress TWICE, pooped on her bloomers and her hairbow kept falling out. Oh dear.
Good thing we packed her jammies.
After golfing on Saturday both Greg and baby were exhausted.

Greg's Father's Day present! He got the grill on Saturday evening and a couple of hours later he was grilling steaks and mushrooms. Cole came over to join us for dinner, too!

Early morning Father's Day cuddles in our bed.

Sunday we met Sara at Old Chicago (go figure) for our final Father's Day celebration. If you don't know Greg well, his 2 favorite places on earth are Home Depot and Old Chicago.

Daddy and Avery!

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