Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Anniversary Weekend

My motto this past weekend was to just 'go with the flow'. Greg was off the entire weekend and Roberta and Katy (Mimi & Aunt Katy) came up from Tulsa to watch Avery so it was our weekend to celebrate 1 year of marriage. 

Our original plan was to simply go swimming on Saturday and camp out at Mahoney that evening. But our plans slightly changed...

On Friday we decided to have a night out with Chop & Sara. It had been awhile since just the 4 of us went out.

And things started to get a little crazy...

We went to Benson & to Dundee. The night was a blast but I realized I can't hang like I used to...bad headache the next morning!

Morning cuddles with Mimi

Instead of swimming at Mahoney, we took Sara up on her invite to tube down the Elkhorn River with a group of people. We joked the entire day that we were celebrating our anniversary 'white trash style'. Even made a special trip to Wal-Mart to make the day real trashy!

Crappy Wal-Mart food before floating...
Our float trip took 5 hours! By the time we were done, I was exhausted and didn't feel like driving out to a camp site. I knew Greg was bummed so he decided to set up his own camp site in our backyard...tiki torches and all! So we spent the night camping in our yard.

Our very special gift that Avery made (with the help of Roberta and Katy). So memorable - now I need to find a place to hang it! We couldn't believe how big her hands and feet looked.

On Sunday, Greg and I toasted to a good weekend and an even better first year of marriage.  I like this picture with the bottle beside our wedding flutes.


  1. You look great!! And it looks like you guys had a great weekend celebrating 1 year! Congrats! :)