Thursday, June 14, 2012

3 Months!

Avery is 3 months old today! I feel like she is such a big girl but when people see her they say, "Oooh she's so little!" Time is a funny thing because there are days when I feel like Avery has been a part of my life for a long time and then other days I look at the clothing she's outgrown and am amazed at how fast she is changing and growing. 

Her features are becoming more distinct. Overall, I still think she looks similar to when she was a newborn. It's funny to hear different people's thoughts on who she looks like. For the most part, people say Greg. But there are a good amount of people that say she looks like me. When you initially look at her, her coloring is without-a-doubt Greg's (lucky girl) so I think it's easy to say she looks like Greg for that reason. But if you look closer, she has my eye shape, my nose and my lips - BUT - all of her facial features are proportioned like Greg's. In my opinion she is just a true mix of us. But they say how a baby looks is always changing so it'll be fun to look back at these posts a year from now to see if we are right or not.

Avery's sleep schedule is still a little inconsistent during the day, but is pretty consistent at night. When put her to bed around 9:30-10:30 by rocking her in her chair until she's asleep and then putting her in her crib for the night. Yes, she's now sleeping in her crib and doing great!! I think she likes the space. She sleeps through the whole night and usually wakes up around 8:00AM. She is so happy in the mornings. Lots of smiles and it's the best time to get her doing tummy time. Because she is inconsistent with napping during the day, sometimes in the evening she can get a little fussy. It's probably time to try and get her on a sleeping schedule during the day. Sometimes her naps are short because she is a very light sleeper and doesn't want to miss out on any action. You can tell she is getting sleepy by the way her hands seem to find their way to her hair. She feels her hair for awhile before leaving her arms above her head while she sleeps.

Avery is also a very good eater! She is almost always hungry on the dot after 2.5 hours. She eats anywhere for 4-6 ounces at a time and we still burp her twice during a feeding. Since I've returned back to work, it's been much harder to pump. So in the mornings we give her one bottle of formula and then the rest of the day breastmilk. She had no problem transitioning over to a little formula and still has very healthy dirty diapers. :) Next month we will probably start her on some cereal. I can't wait to see what she thinks. She is also learned to 'help' hold her bottle. Sometimes with both hands, sometimes with just one.

Playtime is much more interactive now. Avery will talk (coooo) and smile lots, especially if you are smiling back at her. She loves to listen you making noises and tries to mimic the best she can. She gets her little scowl on her face when she is really trying to understand something - it's too funny. Avery now grabs for her toys and is able to hold a toy in one hand and bring it to her mouth. Speaking of her mouth, she has also discovered that she can stick her fist in her mouth with usually results in her gagging and I hate that. She loves to feel things with her feet and sure loves to kick. Cracks me up because when she was in my belly she was a kicking machine. 

She is now able to focus much more on objects and when Greg or I leave the room she usually turns her head to try and find where we went. She can now see me from the couch if I'm on the stairs. When she sees someone she recognizes her eyes will get big and will start kicking really fast. We haven't found anything that scares her yet - maybe she will be daring and brave like her daddy?! Avery has excellent neck and back support and loves to stand and sit in her bumbo to play or watch TV. I already wrote this in a post, but she is also working on rolling. She rolled over from her tummy to her back for Greg last week!

Baby loves bath time and loves being outside. She would probably kick around in the water for an hour if she could - or until the water gets too cold. Going outside with her in the ultimate calmer if she's in a crabby mood. Loves the wind, the trees...when we go on stroller rides she doesn't make a peep and will usually fall asleep. 

Our Avery is growing so fast! I am so happy with how lucky we've been with her - healthy, content, happy...I couldn't ask for more!

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