Thursday, May 31, 2012

When it rains, it pours.

Talk about a kill-joy: spending money on shit you don't want to, but you don't have a choice in the matter.

It all begin about a month ago when we were in Lincoln and my dad was checking out Greg's car. Greg had noticed it was leaking something awhile back and my dad, being a car salesman, decided to see if he knew what was going on. Come to find out the water pump was leaking. My dad warned us if we didn't get it fixed ASAP then we would run the risk of blowing the engine. Awesome. So we took Greg's jeep in to get fixed and also found out he needed a new tire valve and an oil change....$375.00 later we were fixed and on the road. 

A couple of weeks later I had an emergency doctor's visit. Apparently I was allergic to the sinus infection antibiotic I was on which caused me to have a horrible, bumpy, itchy, bright red rash all over my body and face. So off to the doctor I went. $150 later I was put on another medicine and feeling some relief. Speaking of medical bills, Methodist Women's sent us over our portion of the cost that insurance isn't covering for Avery's birth...I won't disclose that amount but I will say the downpayment money for a car we have been trying to save for will be spent elsewhere....

In addition, Greg's dad signed the jeep over to Greg (Thanks Scott!) so this past week Greg was running around getting the title to his car, new plates and new car insurance for both him and I, which of course is never cheap to do. So we are now driving around with Nebraska license plates on the jeep. Feels kind of strange!

Greg and my mom noticed that our large cottonwood tree in the backyard had some branches that weren't producing any leaves so Greg called a company to come and take a look at it to see what the issue is. We found out that a fungus is slowly killing the tree and by fall we should have the tree completely removed. Cost for removing a dying tree: $1,200. Hmmm that will probably have to hold off for awhile.

And lastly, one topic that is really stressing me out right now: our home, more specifically: our kitchen. Last week Greg happened to be looking deep in to our cabinet where we keep our water bottles (not quite sure why he was back there, but good thing he was). He noticed that the pipe running through the cabinet seemed to be leaking and rusting and the side of the wood cabinet next to the dishwasher was soft. So we figured to call ServiceOne, no big deal they would take care of it. Not that easy. Apparently the previous owner of the home put steel wool around a metal pipe, which causes corrosion which causes leaking so we now need to replace the water line to dishwasher. And since the issue is a rusting issue, that is something ServiceOne doesn't cover. Big shockeroo. So the cost to replace the line is $185.00, which isn't bad but now we suspect an even bigger issue: mold/water damage from the dishwasher leaking.

So this past week I have been calling places left and right to get recommendations on what to do regarding this potential issue. If it were just Greg and I living in the house, no biggie - we'd take our time to fix the issue. But now that we have a baby, the thought of having mold really freaks me out. And this isn't a cheap issue either. You first have a mold hygienist come to test your air and look at the area to see if, in fact, we have an issue. Depending on what they find out, you then either have a company come and remove the mold or you do it yourself. But removing may mean replacing a cabinet, some flooring, etc depending on where its spread to. And, of course, this will mostly likely be paid for out of our pockets.

Feeling a bit overwhelmed with all of this. I love our house so much and I know that buying a 25 year old home comes with issues but why does it all have to come at once??? And why is it that once you feel like you are a little ahead with money, these kinds of things happen and the savings account dwindles down to practically nothing?? These are the issues we are now faced with as adults - and it blows. The $200 that I would've blown on clothes in college now goes to groceries, gas, utility bills, daycare....

Today I am feeling broke, stressed, unmotivated and cold (it's 60 degrees out!?). Ready to put on my pj's, make a pack of inexpensive ramaen noodles and watch a chick flick. When it rains, it frickin' pours.


  1. Ugh, I am so sorry!! That is no fun. :( Maybe you are getting hit with all of this at once so some really good things can happen next? (that probably doesn't help right now) Let me know if you need a break from this stuff-happy to meet you somewhere for lunch or something!

  2. Or make lunch at mi casa haha (just realized meeting somewhere for lunch probably doesn't sound great right now!)

  3. hun, you got married, bought a house and had a child all within 12 months. That's a lot of change in responsibilities/finances/personal development. Breathe and say a few prayers- this too shall pass!

  4. Ellen - yes, we should do lunch soon! What days work best for you? Kim - you are right, it's been a whirlwind of a year and it will pass. Just need to remind myself of that :)