Thursday, May 3, 2012

Ryan Wedding

I really need to get better about posting daily instead of writing 4 posts all in one day...but whatev! This past weekend we celebrated Mike & Sarah's wedding. The weather couldn't have been better, the company couldn't have been any more fun and wedding itself was a blast. On Sunday Greg said, "That was the best wedding I've been to since...our wedding!" I was a personal attendant in the wedding so it was a busy weekend for sure, but well worth it. My awesome mom came up to watch Avery all day and night on Saturday so Greg and I could enjoy the day together. We danced the night away, took shots with the bartenders, caught up with old friends and reminisced about how just a short year ago this was us tying the knot.

Rehearsal at St. Mary's in Bellevue

For those that don't know, Andrew LOVES Avery. According to him, it's 'his baby'. Sitting next to Avery was only time anyone could get him to quiet down at rehearsal!

Some of the wedding party at rehearsal dinner at Stokes - so good!

Our little family :)

More photos to come! My computer kept freezing when I tried to upload more!

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