Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Restless Night

It was another restless night as the Haus residence last night...I sort of feel like I jinxed myself when I would tell people that Avery is such a good sleeper. The truth of the matter is that sometimes she really is - on Monday night she slept for 7 hours. And then we get a night like last night were she falls asleep and then wakes up every time her paci falls out and then realizes she has a dirty diaper and gets even more fussy. After she got all worked up she decided she was hungry so I fed her until she fell asleep and literally as I was about to lay her into her glider she woke up and started fussing and rooting around again! So I fed her again! This time she actually did fall asleep but then woke up an hour later must have woke up from a bad dream because she was crying - so I went to over to rock the glider and that FINALLY put her back asleep!

Remember how I said watching her grow up is bittersweet?! Well one thing I am looking forward to is her getting on a better schedule. As hard as we try to do the same things every night at the same time it hasn't seemed to help her sleeping habits. But babies do need some consistency and I'm hoping one of these weeks things will fall into place. Until then...Greg and I will remain sleep deprived.

The only thing that is motivating to go to yoga tonight is that I now fit back into my pre-preggo jeans! They are just pretty darn tight! HA

My little stinker!


  1. Coming from someone who had no sleep for three months (day or night) I have two words of advice:
    or maybe that's one word...I dunno, but either way it was the only way that worked and we will do it from the start will any future kids! :)

    1. I hope you start feeling better soon!!