Monday, May 7, 2012

Our Weekend

It was a busy weekend for sure - which ended with me going to the doctor because I have a sinus infection :( 

The weekend started out with a BBQ at the Johnson's on Friday! The evening was filled with food, margaritas and laughs. The boys hung out outside most of the night (I think Greg had one too many beers) while the girls were inside talking baby and catching up. Ellen and Josh are having their first baby in December and we are so excited for them! Another little friend for Avery!

Then on Saturday my brother, Jon, graduated from UNL with his degree in Civil Engineering. That smarty pants! Avery and I met my family at Misty's for lunch and then headed over to Caitlin's graduation party at The Bar. I wasn't sure what Avery would think of the bar with all of the loud music and people but turns out that she LOVED it. Her eyes were wide open and she was soaking in all the sounds and the people the entire time. As we walked out, she kept looking around like, 'hey where'd everybody go?!'. Can't believe my daughter's first time at the bar was at 2 months old but, hey, gotta start them young!

Sunday I woke feeling even more awful so my mom came and got Avery for the day until I went to the doctor to make sure I wasn't contagious. Thank goodness I'm not! I am dreading the day my sweet angel baby gets sick.

As for my hubby, he had to work all weekend boooo. But he is home again this week with Avery and he really enjoys his time with her. :)

And, of course, this forgetful momma forgot her camera the entire weekend so the photos are compliments of Sara Fritzy.

Enjoying the great outdoors

Chopski and the babe

Jesus?! Nope, just Avery!

Love Avery's little face in this pic.

Daddy's talking - Avery really liked Josh!

Soon to be family of 4!

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