Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My 1st Mothers Day!

I celebrated my first Mother's Day this past weekend! Wooo! Friday night Greg and I relaxed at home and caught up on our TV shows. I was dying to watch Revenge and it seems like lately we haven't been able to watch more than one show a night before becoming preoccupied with Avery or something around the house. As busy as Greg and I have both been I've come to really, really, really look forward to the evenings where it's just our little family lounging on the couch.

Saturday was a busy day for sure - it all started with Avery's baptism class at St. Margaret Mary's. I was the only one that brought my baby (Greg had to work) and as she was sleeping through the class she was having a bad dream and was doing lots of whimpering and deep breathing! HAHA. Right after class Avery and I drove down to Lincoln for my hair appointment. Aunt Sissy watched Avery for a few hours so I could get some pampering in. Then that evening the Richter clan drove to Columbus to have dinner with my grandparents. At the same time Greg ran the Lucky Bucket 7k Race with Chop and Sara. Talk about a crazy Saturday! Greg said he was proud of how he did considering he didn't do much training and worked that day but once he got home he was really dehydrated. Pretty sure the only reason he did the race was for the beers and the shirt he got :)

Sunday was Mother's Day! It was kind of strange to celebrate it this year with my mom. Since I was still in Lincoln my family got up and went to church and then came home for a relaxing afternoon on the patio drinking wine and soaking up some sun. Avery went on a couple of stroller rides with Grandpa Tim and loved it. My dad said she didn't make a peep - just looked around with her big eyes! For Mother's Day my mom planted my hanging baskets for the front porch for me and they look awesome. That evening we drove back just in time to meet Greg as he got home from work. We were both exhausted!

Well, I thought I lost my camera charger until Greg found it in his car so once again I didn't get any pictures of the weekend. Boooo. However, Kristin took some on her phone that I need to add.

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