Sunday, May 20, 2012

Lime Green Weekend

Sitting up like a big girl!

Tummy time!

It was a lime green weekend for Avery! I've been going through her closet trying to get her into some outfits that I naively bought before she was born thinking the weather would be nice and cool until about June...boy was I wrong. It was 87 degrees the day she was born when it is usually snowing! Welcome to Nebraska I suppose! She is growing like a weed and it kills me when she only wears an outfit once before it goes into storage so I am getting her into as many things as I can.

This weekend Avery and I got to spend lots of time together! It was the first weekend since April that we didn't have anywhere to be and it felt great. Friday night Greg and I caught up on one of our favorite shows, Grimm. We ordered pizza and curled up in our blankets in the basement. We were all exhausted from a busy week. Earlier that day Greg and his friend, Michael, stained our deck. Neither of them realized how much work it would be or how hot is was going to be...but it turned out great.

Avery is enjoying the deck as I potted some flowers.

Saturday, Avery and I ran errands and enjoyed a girls night painting our nails and watching TV in bed while Greg worked a party at the zoo. Then on Sunday we ran a few more errands and Erica & Ryker came over for a little play date. And, of course, I am back at it again and wanting to decorate/paint inside the house...

Painting in the driveway.

I am wanting to paint all of our living room/hallways, etc. gray now. Right now it's a neutral color...boring! I always go to Benjamin Moore so they can help me pair my current colors with new colors depending on floors, lighting, depth and so on. They are awesome. They recommended painting the color on a piece of cardboard to so that I can move it around the house to see what I think. Pretty genius!

But Avery wasn't sure she liked that gray...HA!

I love my daddy!

The evening ended with some father/daughter time as I cleaned up the kitchen and write this blog. Just a nice weekend for the Haus'.


  1. haha painters unite! :) Love the grey! P.S. LOVE the lime green! so fun!

  2. You will have to come over and see the finished product in a few weeks....BBQ time again?! :)