Thursday, May 31, 2012

When it rains, it pours.

Talk about a kill-joy: spending money on shit you don't want to, but you don't have a choice in the matter.

It all begin about a month ago when we were in Lincoln and my dad was checking out Greg's car. Greg had noticed it was leaking something awhile back and my dad, being a car salesman, decided to see if he knew what was going on. Come to find out the water pump was leaking. My dad warned us if we didn't get it fixed ASAP then we would run the risk of blowing the engine. Awesome. So we took Greg's jeep in to get fixed and also found out he needed a new tire valve and an oil change....$375.00 later we were fixed and on the road. 

A couple of weeks later I had an emergency doctor's visit. Apparently I was allergic to the sinus infection antibiotic I was on which caused me to have a horrible, bumpy, itchy, bright red rash all over my body and face. So off to the doctor I went. $150 later I was put on another medicine and feeling some relief. Speaking of medical bills, Methodist Women's sent us over our portion of the cost that insurance isn't covering for Avery's birth...I won't disclose that amount but I will say the downpayment money for a car we have been trying to save for will be spent elsewhere....

In addition, Greg's dad signed the jeep over to Greg (Thanks Scott!) so this past week Greg was running around getting the title to his car, new plates and new car insurance for both him and I, which of course is never cheap to do. So we are now driving around with Nebraska license plates on the jeep. Feels kind of strange!

Greg and my mom noticed that our large cottonwood tree in the backyard had some branches that weren't producing any leaves so Greg called a company to come and take a look at it to see what the issue is. We found out that a fungus is slowly killing the tree and by fall we should have the tree completely removed. Cost for removing a dying tree: $1,200. Hmmm that will probably have to hold off for awhile.

And lastly, one topic that is really stressing me out right now: our home, more specifically: our kitchen. Last week Greg happened to be looking deep in to our cabinet where we keep our water bottles (not quite sure why he was back there, but good thing he was). He noticed that the pipe running through the cabinet seemed to be leaking and rusting and the side of the wood cabinet next to the dishwasher was soft. So we figured to call ServiceOne, no big deal they would take care of it. Not that easy. Apparently the previous owner of the home put steel wool around a metal pipe, which causes corrosion which causes leaking so we now need to replace the water line to dishwasher. And since the issue is a rusting issue, that is something ServiceOne doesn't cover. Big shockeroo. So the cost to replace the line is $185.00, which isn't bad but now we suspect an even bigger issue: mold/water damage from the dishwasher leaking.

So this past week I have been calling places left and right to get recommendations on what to do regarding this potential issue. If it were just Greg and I living in the house, no biggie - we'd take our time to fix the issue. But now that we have a baby, the thought of having mold really freaks me out. And this isn't a cheap issue either. You first have a mold hygienist come to test your air and look at the area to see if, in fact, we have an issue. Depending on what they find out, you then either have a company come and remove the mold or you do it yourself. But removing may mean replacing a cabinet, some flooring, etc depending on where its spread to. And, of course, this will mostly likely be paid for out of our pockets.

Feeling a bit overwhelmed with all of this. I love our house so much and I know that buying a 25 year old home comes with issues but why does it all have to come at once??? And why is it that once you feel like you are a little ahead with money, these kinds of things happen and the savings account dwindles down to practically nothing?? These are the issues we are now faced with as adults - and it blows. The $200 that I would've blown on clothes in college now goes to groceries, gas, utility bills, daycare....

Today I am feeling broke, stressed, unmotivated and cold (it's 60 degrees out!?). Ready to put on my pj's, make a pack of inexpensive ramaen noodles and watch a chick flick. When it rains, it frickin' pours.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

It was an...

....itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini - that she wore for the first time yesterday!

Avery and I celebrated Memorial Day by going out to the Wagner's lakehouse for the afternoon. It was a beautiful day and Avery LOVED being outside looking around at the trees and the people. She couldn't have been more adorable in her little bikini and hair bow. She even has a terry cloth cover-up to match :)

Trying on her new sunglasses...just a little too big!

First time in a suit for me - yikes!

Erika and Henry

Her new favorite toy. Anything she can hold and attempt to put in her mouth she loves.

This is what happened when we got 30 minutes into the Bachelorette...

Avery's Baptism

Sunday was a very special day for us - Avery was baptized and welcomed into the Catholic faith. One of my most favorite parts of the day was being surrounded by all of our family and friends that love her so much. I am getting choked up just thinking about it. Reflecting on the weekend and looking at all of our pictures reminds how truly lucky we are to have the people we do in our lives. We are so rich in love and support.

Anyways, Avery's baptism happened to be on Memorial Day weekend. It worked out great because it gave Greg's family an extra day to make the trip back to Tulsa. On Saturday, my mom and sister came up to help Greg & I with cleaning and preparing the house for guests.  Saturday night, part of the Haus crew got in to town and Greg's youngest brother, Brad, got to meet Avery for the first time!

You look like my daddy and sound like my daddy...but I don't think you are my daddy?!

Sunday everyone was running around like a chicken with their head cut off getting ready for the baptism and the party at our place. Greg, Brad and I were up at the butt-crack of dawn setting everything up. The Richter's and the second half of the Haus crew made it to Omaha around 11:00 so we could go to noon mass together. Right after mass was Avery's baptism. There were 4 babies total that were baptized. 

First project of the day on Sunday: getting rid of the small hornet's nest above the door...
Being baptized!

Baby girl wanted to hold her candle :)

Poppy & Grandma Jojo and Mimi & P Pa

With the godparents: Jon & Kristin

With the other godparents: Jeff & Megan

Once the hustle and bustle of the day was over, it was time to go back to our house, have some lunch & unwind the Greg & Libby way: yard games and drinks!


The grandparents stepped in to show us how it's done!

HAHA Avery's face is silly
How many guys does it take to pack a tent?
*CORRECTION* How many DRUNK guys does it take to pack a tent??

Aunt Megan cuddling with Avery

After a full day of cleaning, churching & boozing... everyone fell asleep at 10:30.

Friday, May 25, 2012


Soooo I feel the need to blog today about Greg and his truly strange style of dressing Avery. Don't get me wrong, I am so thankful that he has the desire to pick out her outfits on his own but what he chooses for her to wear is sometimes just plain weird!!!

I like to have a picture text of my babe every day and on Thursdays & Fridays I cringe at what Greg has found in her closet and decided to pair together. God bless him for trying I guess. Take a look at what our baby is wearing today...

Turquoise/hot pink onesie, brown leggings and red sparkly socks...
I said to Greg, 'Would you honestly wear all of those colors together?'
He responded, 'No, but baby can. She looks like Dorothy!'
And yet another interesting combo: gray wifebeater onesie and yellow polka dot leggings...

Yesterday Greg dressed her in a blue/green onesie and brown leggings. I asked him why he chose that particular outfit and he said, "I think it goes together because they are all colors of the earth!"

Oh, that husband of mine. I love him but he sure keeps me on my toes! :)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Rainy Day

Rainy days = hair up. I've been loving these high buns lately. So easy and classy. Let's see if it holds up on our first Taco Ride of 2012 tonight!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I may or may not be obsessed with stripes...and ironically enough Avery and I are matching in our striped shirts today! Love it!

Daddy's Soccer Game

Last night we went to cheer on Daddy at his playoff soccer game - and they won! I think we were good luck charms :)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Lime Green Weekend

Sitting up like a big girl!

Tummy time!

It was a lime green weekend for Avery! I've been going through her closet trying to get her into some outfits that I naively bought before she was born thinking the weather would be nice and cool until about June...boy was I wrong. It was 87 degrees the day she was born when it is usually snowing! Welcome to Nebraska I suppose! She is growing like a weed and it kills me when she only wears an outfit once before it goes into storage so I am getting her into as many things as I can.

This weekend Avery and I got to spend lots of time together! It was the first weekend since April that we didn't have anywhere to be and it felt great. Friday night Greg and I caught up on one of our favorite shows, Grimm. We ordered pizza and curled up in our blankets in the basement. We were all exhausted from a busy week. Earlier that day Greg and his friend, Michael, stained our deck. Neither of them realized how much work it would be or how hot is was going to be...but it turned out great.

Avery is enjoying the deck as I potted some flowers.

Saturday, Avery and I ran errands and enjoyed a girls night painting our nails and watching TV in bed while Greg worked a party at the zoo. Then on Sunday we ran a few more errands and Erica & Ryker came over for a little play date. And, of course, I am back at it again and wanting to decorate/paint inside the house...

Painting in the driveway.

I am wanting to paint all of our living room/hallways, etc. gray now. Right now it's a neutral color...boring! I always go to Benjamin Moore so they can help me pair my current colors with new colors depending on floors, lighting, depth and so on. They are awesome. They recommended painting the color on a piece of cardboard to so that I can move it around the house to see what I think. Pretty genius!

But Avery wasn't sure she liked that gray...HA!

I love my daddy!

The evening ended with some father/daughter time as I cleaned up the kitchen and write this blog. Just a nice weekend for the Haus'.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Awkward topic but I gotta talk about it. Now that I am back to work full-time it's becoming more difficult to exclusively breastfeed Avery. I feel like the amount she consumes is increasing. However, when I'm at work, I'm constantly in and out of meetings and working toward deadlines to get things done and I very easily forget to pump for 5 hours...long story short this situation has led me to consider supplementing with a little formula during the day.

I am torn on what to do. Some days I want to stop in general and other days (like today) I keep telling myself to push through and continue. I know that everyone says it's a personal choice but it's hard to know what the right thing to do is. Then I read this article about breastfeeding and realized all of the great benefits Avery is getting. I kept reading each month and what an impact I am making on her overall well-being. No, I probably won't stop breastfeeding for awhile BUT a little formula may be in her near future.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Random Thoughts

Usually as I'm getting ready in the morning I am thinking about a million different things so here are a couple I thought about this morning along with others....

Random Thought 1: I cannot wait to jump on the iPhone bandwagon. Seems as though I am really missing out by having my buy-one-get-one-free Samsung Reality. My contract is up in June, which means I will switch over to Greg's. I'm pretty stoked to be able to take fun pictures and use Instagram. Too bad this also means my dad will no longer be paying for my phone.

Random Thought 2: I'm such a sucker for watching The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. I know the likelihood of it actually working out is not in their favor but it sucks me in every dang time! Anyways, I knew I'd be watching this season when they announced the Bachelorette is Emily Maynard. She is absolutely, positively the most gorgeous girl ever - and she is so sweet and humble, too. Yup, pretty much want to be her...

Random Thought 3: The other day as I was driving home in my car (the POS aka Ruby the Red Sunfire) I thought to myself, 'this car is crappy now, but maybe when Avery turns 16 it'll be like a collectors item...the cool vintage car that you would feel badass driving?!'  I thought this was a semi-intelligent thought so I went home to ask Greg what he thought. He said, 'Oh my gosh I was JUST thinking about that the other day, too!'. So I decided we should call my dad to see what he thought about this. His response: 'ummmm no.'. Bummer.

Random Thought 4: I am really suffering in the sleep department. Even if Avery is sleeping sound I still don't feel like I fully go into deep sleep...

Avery took over Daddy's spot in the bed this morning while he got her bottle ready :)

My 1st Mothers Day!

I celebrated my first Mother's Day this past weekend! Wooo! Friday night Greg and I relaxed at home and caught up on our TV shows. I was dying to watch Revenge and it seems like lately we haven't been able to watch more than one show a night before becoming preoccupied with Avery or something around the house. As busy as Greg and I have both been I've come to really, really, really look forward to the evenings where it's just our little family lounging on the couch.

Saturday was a busy day for sure - it all started with Avery's baptism class at St. Margaret Mary's. I was the only one that brought my baby (Greg had to work) and as she was sleeping through the class she was having a bad dream and was doing lots of whimpering and deep breathing! HAHA. Right after class Avery and I drove down to Lincoln for my hair appointment. Aunt Sissy watched Avery for a few hours so I could get some pampering in. Then that evening the Richter clan drove to Columbus to have dinner with my grandparents. At the same time Greg ran the Lucky Bucket 7k Race with Chop and Sara. Talk about a crazy Saturday! Greg said he was proud of how he did considering he didn't do much training and worked that day but once he got home he was really dehydrated. Pretty sure the only reason he did the race was for the beers and the shirt he got :)

Sunday was Mother's Day! It was kind of strange to celebrate it this year with my mom. Since I was still in Lincoln my family got up and went to church and then came home for a relaxing afternoon on the patio drinking wine and soaking up some sun. Avery went on a couple of stroller rides with Grandpa Tim and loved it. My dad said she didn't make a peep - just looked around with her big eyes! For Mother's Day my mom planted my hanging baskets for the front porch for me and they look awesome. That evening we drove back just in time to meet Greg as he got home from work. We were both exhausted!

Well, I thought I lost my camera charger until Greg found it in his car so once again I didn't get any pictures of the weekend. Boooo. However, Kristin took some on her phone that I need to add.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Restless Night

It was another restless night as the Haus residence last night...I sort of feel like I jinxed myself when I would tell people that Avery is such a good sleeper. The truth of the matter is that sometimes she really is - on Monday night she slept for 7 hours. And then we get a night like last night were she falls asleep and then wakes up every time her paci falls out and then realizes she has a dirty diaper and gets even more fussy. After she got all worked up she decided she was hungry so I fed her until she fell asleep and literally as I was about to lay her into her glider she woke up and started fussing and rooting around again! So I fed her again! This time she actually did fall asleep but then woke up an hour later must have woke up from a bad dream because she was crying - so I went to over to rock the glider and that FINALLY put her back asleep!

Remember how I said watching her grow up is bittersweet?! Well one thing I am looking forward to is her getting on a better schedule. As hard as we try to do the same things every night at the same time it hasn't seemed to help her sleeping habits. But babies do need some consistency and I'm hoping one of these weeks things will fall into place. Until then...Greg and I will remain sleep deprived.

The only thing that is motivating to go to yoga tonight is that I now fit back into my pre-preggo jeans! They are just pretty darn tight! HA

My little stinker!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Our Weekend

It was a busy weekend for sure - which ended with me going to the doctor because I have a sinus infection :( 

The weekend started out with a BBQ at the Johnson's on Friday! The evening was filled with food, margaritas and laughs. The boys hung out outside most of the night (I think Greg had one too many beers) while the girls were inside talking baby and catching up. Ellen and Josh are having their first baby in December and we are so excited for them! Another little friend for Avery!

Then on Saturday my brother, Jon, graduated from UNL with his degree in Civil Engineering. That smarty pants! Avery and I met my family at Misty's for lunch and then headed over to Caitlin's graduation party at The Bar. I wasn't sure what Avery would think of the bar with all of the loud music and people but turns out that she LOVED it. Her eyes were wide open and she was soaking in all the sounds and the people the entire time. As we walked out, she kept looking around like, 'hey where'd everybody go?!'. Can't believe my daughter's first time at the bar was at 2 months old but, hey, gotta start them young!

Sunday I woke feeling even more awful so my mom came and got Avery for the day until I went to the doctor to make sure I wasn't contagious. Thank goodness I'm not! I am dreading the day my sweet angel baby gets sick.

As for my hubby, he had to work all weekend boooo. But he is home again this week with Avery and he really enjoys his time with her. :)

And, of course, this forgetful momma forgot her camera the entire weekend so the photos are compliments of Sara Fritzy.

Enjoying the great outdoors

Chopski and the babe

Jesus?! Nope, just Avery!

Love Avery's little face in this pic.

Daddy's talking - Avery really liked Josh!

Soon to be family of 4!

Friday, May 4, 2012


This getting up and getting ready for work thing with a baby is going to be the death of me, I swear! Seems as though I never leave when I want to no matter what time I wake up. Some nights I get a good amount of sleep. Other nights (like last night) I got a measly 4 hours...

Long gone are the days of waking up at 7:15, taking a quick shower, and heading out the door at 7:45 to make it to work by 8:00. Now I have to get up to feed Avery/pump, clean my pump supplies and get then ready for work, shower, change Avery's diaper and get out the door. Can't imagine what it'll be like with more than 1 babe. Really hoping things get easier and I adjust a little more. I haven't quite mastered the multi-tasking skill yet of trying to get things ready the night before work. 

On a positive note, when Avery has a good night (which she usually does) she has been sleeping up to 6.5 hours! Yesterday morning I woke up at 6:30 to a smiling baby in her glider. It totally made my day!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Ryan Wedding

I really need to get better about posting daily instead of writing 4 posts all in one day...but whatev! This past weekend we celebrated Mike & Sarah's wedding. The weather couldn't have been better, the company couldn't have been any more fun and wedding itself was a blast. On Sunday Greg said, "That was the best wedding I've been to since...our wedding!" I was a personal attendant in the wedding so it was a busy weekend for sure, but well worth it. My awesome mom came up to watch Avery all day and night on Saturday so Greg and I could enjoy the day together. We danced the night away, took shots with the bartenders, caught up with old friends and reminisced about how just a short year ago this was us tying the knot.

Rehearsal at St. Mary's in Bellevue

For those that don't know, Andrew LOVES Avery. According to him, it's 'his baby'. Sitting next to Avery was only time anyone could get him to quiet down at rehearsal!

Some of the wedding party at rehearsal dinner at Stokes - so good!

Our little family :)

More photos to come! My computer kept freezing when I tried to upload more!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Our Day at the Zoo

We have already been to the zoo three times since Avery was born but this particular time I remembered to snap some photos. Avery and I met Sarah & Andrew spent a good portion of the day walking around and enjoying the nice weather. Andrew was THRILLED that 'his baby' (aka Avery) got to come with and see the animals with him. He even held her hand and helped me push our stroller - loved it! We also met Greg for lunch so he could show off Avery to his co-workers :)

Feeding the koi fish

Just lounging and watching the baby giraffe

Mommy & Avery having lunch with daddy

I had sooo much fun today!

The afternoon wouldn't be complete without some playtime to wear my baby out!