Sunday, April 15, 2012

Death Cab & Jon's Birthday

Greg & I had our first night out this past week! My mom came up to watch Avery while we went to the Death Cab for Cutie concert with some friends. We all met at Old Chicago for dinner and drinks beforehand. Although the concert was really good, they played all of their mellow stuff which resulted in a major buzz-kill. Instead of wanting to drink and go out after, I would've rather put on my pajamas and read a book! We had a blast with our friends, though, and need to get out more often.

We also celebrated Jon's 23rd Birthday on Friday in Lincoln. We ate and drank at Old Chicago - for those that don't know, OC is Greg and my favorite place. It was also Avery's first outing. We have been pretty anal about taking her anywhere. I am so proud of my brother, he is graduating in May and going on to get his masters in engineering next fall.

Birthday boy and his gf, Caitlin (also Avery's nanny this summer!)

Avery at OC - she had an adorable headband on but then we realized it was cutting
off her circulation...whoops!

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